"I want to celebrate your unfiltered uniqueness and what makes you beautiful!"

-Kaitlin Ashley, Founder

Our philosophy is simple; embrace your natural beauty and love your bare skin! We want you to have the confidence to just . . . be you!

We take a minimalistic approach when it comes to skincare and beauty, and we believe that ingredients in products should be just that. Simplistic and minimal. Who loves reading ingredient labels that they can’t pronounce? Not us!

Our products are handcrafted and made to order to ensure freshness. They are plant-based and include only ingredients that are necessary to create effective products that smell amazing. Our products are wrapped in chic, minimal packaging to showcase the beautiful colors of nature and to allow the ingredients to speak for themselves.

HACo. was founded by Kaitlin Ashley in late 2015, as a result of Kaitlin’s desire to create healthier alternatives to beauty that she felt good about using around her young children. The initial collection included one product that came in a few scents. The line quickly grew to include perfume, moisturizers, oils, lotions and everything in between!

We are based in Fremont, OH.

We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we truly enjoy creating them for you!

Join the movement! Have a bare skin affair . . . if you dare!